Borders is a modular desk mounted system that can be retrofitted to most OS Laminate Collection workstations in a manner that allows you to define your space the way you want. Effective time management often requires a delicate balance between privacy and interaction with colleagues.


2 Reversible Return PL145
1 Corner Desk Shell PL163
1 Deluxe Pedestal – Full PL166
1 Deluxe Pedestal – Full PL175
8 Post for Panels PBP12
1 Acrylic Panel PB21224ACR
2 Acrylic Panel PB21236ACR
2 Acrylic Panel PB21248ACR
1 Rectangular Transaction Top PBTR36
1 Rectangular Transaction Top PBTR48


Excludes Seating and/or Desk Accessories.

    $4,214.00 Regular Price
    $2,528.00Sale Price
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