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"But I can buy the same thing at {insert big box name here}

I hear this statement so many times from shoppers. But, as "someone" said, "you get what you pay for".

Here is one example I like to use (and these are my own words):

The last time I bought a pack of socks at **l-Mar*, I thought "WOW, 10 pair for $8.99." Of course, after probably the 3rd time through the wash, I noticed the fabric was loosening and I already had holes in a few of the toes. So, because the life of those socks were so short, I have to buy them more frequently. In the long run, if I had just bought a GOOD pair at ***get, I may have spent $3-$4 more, but they lasted much longer.

Same goes with decent, sturdy office furniture; chairs, desks, files, etc. If you buy the cheap stuff, no matter what you do, it is going to LOOK cheap.


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