Quotes "This man will make things happen that the big box store could never do. Not only with prices but delivery and service. You tell him what your looking for and he will put it in your office at a price no one can touch faster then any one." Service Category: Real Estate Agent Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value Quotes
Jesse Storm
President at Pennsylvania Families Association
Quotes Ron gets my highest recommendation for being an honest local supplier of both new and used office furniture. He stands behind his product and provides a personaized service that is always appreciated. Ron also is involved in the local communiy that he serves. Call him.? Quotes
Michael Chiaro
Realtor - Morgan Collins
Quotes "I have purchased a few products from Ron over the years and have always found him to be very helpful and honest in our dealings." Quotes
Kevin Gable
President at Mason-Dixon Office Products
Quotes Office Furniture Outlet is South Central Pennsylvania's "ONE-STOP" office solution with 21,000 square feet of New and Used Office Furniture. His Company has the resources to deliver and install complete office suites, repair and/or re-burbish "tired" filing and/or storage cabinets, and so much more..... Ron Vestal the owner of Office Furniture Outlet has worked in the furniture industry for over 30 years and you can trust that Ron knows his business. Ron has a special knack for understanding the customers needs and assisting them in choosing the best furniture options available that will best utilze their needs. Ron communicates with his clients well and is always willing to assist with any project needing his expertise. Ron leads the pack in customer service.? Quotes
Gerald Johnson, MHA, Ph.D, FACHE
Senior Vice President, HR, Compliance and Physician Recruiting -
Quotes Ron helped me pick out affordable furnishings for my office? Quotes
Michael Allen
President - PuroClean Mitigation Services
Quotes We have worked with Ron over the past 10 years with the Office Furniture Outlet furnishings for our office services business. We have appreciated his expertise and recommendations, his on-time and efficient delivery of our purchases, and always his pleasant demeanor. Thanks Ron! Quotes
Jean Abreght
Owner - The Document House LLC
Quotes "Ron provides quality office furniture at a reasonable price." Quotes
Marlin Yohn
President, ISTECH, Inc.
Quotes "When purchasing used office furniture for Granfalloons Tavern's office, Ron was the first person we turned to for recommendations. Ron immediately helped us find the perfect desks and filing cabinets to fit our budget and space limitations. I would highly recommend Ron and Office Furniture Outlet!" Quotes
Crystal Davis
Sales Representative at K B S, Inc.
Quotes "Ron has always provided a great value in office furniture. He has access to many brands and knows the details of each and every one. From the most simple filing cabinets to the sophisticated details of the CEO's desk and leather chair. . . Ron can take care of your office furniture needs." Quotes
Jeremy Haines
General Manager at Markey Builders, Inc.
Quotes "I've purchased office furniture and accessories from Ron. I always found him & his staff efficient & friendly. I appreciate Ron's fabulous memory; when I see him he is always inquiring about my purchase. I am always confidant when I send folks his way that he'll take care of them in a professional manner. Also, he was a customer at Mail Boxes Etc (back in the 90's) - I recall him being a loyal customer who gave us his trust and respect." Quotes
Lou Lavetan
Owner at Sparkle Wash of York County


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